About Us

beautiful-carpet-floorFlooring Pro 1 is a flooring and carpeting installation service that serves residences and businesses in the greater Atlanta area. Based in Norcross, GA, Flooring Pro 1 is the premier provider of beautiful flooring and stunning carpeting.

Flooring Pro 1 serves a wide range of clients, including single family homes, multi-residential units, and commercial buildings. No matter what a client’s flooring needs, Flooring Pro 1 can make their flooring vision turn into reality.

Flooring Pro 1 specializes in a wide variety of flooring and carpeting needs, including Carpeting, Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl Flooring.

Flooring Pro 1 also carries most major manufacturers, including Mohawk Carpet Collections, Shaw Flooring, Lexmark, Engineered Floors, and more!

Flooring Pro 1 works to create the most specific design plan for a residential or commercial client. The trained professionals work with clients to design the perfect floor plan. They carefully match the overall design and aesthetic that a client desires, all while respecting the budget. Once the client has picked a design, Flooring Pro 1 will quickly install that specific floor.

Unlike other flooring professionals, Flooring Pro 1 ensures that a client’s flooring plan works with their greater home or business design. With such care and attention to our customers, it’s no wonder Flooring Pro 1 is the trusted flooring provider and installation service in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Learn more about the Flooring Pro 1 residential and commercial flooring services by contacting Flooring Pro 1 today at (678) 271-9009.