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Understanding Different Warranties of Carpets

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Carpeting the home or office is a large investment project so getting a warranty of the product is your fundamental right. There are many different warranties you may get on different types of carpets, and you need to understand them carefully to make sure you are choosing the right product for your place.

Let’s discuss different types of warranties offered on Carpets:

  • 1. Quality Assurance or Wear Warranty: This is the primary warranty available on every single carpet Buford GA. Under this warranty, you will get the assurance of that the carpet will not fall apart or any damage during and after the installation, but it doesn’t provide you the guarantee of the actual performance of the carpet.
  • 2. Texture or Appearance Retention Warranty: Under this type of warranty, you can claim if your carpet Buford GA lost its original appearances like its texture, color, or designs due to untwisting of the fibers.
  • 3. Soil and Stain Warranty: Just as it sounds, this warranty deals with soil and stains on your carpet Buford, and how they can be removed.
  • 4. Color Resistance Warranty: This warranty deals with the color resistance as over the time the color of the carpet tends to fade off if they come directly in the contact of the sunlight and pollutants in the air. Most of the carpets now carry warranties to protect against such type o damages. But still, you can cover your windows in the peak hours of the day to protect your carpet against fading.

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