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Different types and Styles of Carpets!

Duluth carpet

Carpet is trendy flooring which not only covers the flooring to protect your feet from extreme weather challenges, kids from falling, and unwanted stains but also gives you a luxury lifestyle. If you are looking to replace your existing carpet in Duluth GA but don’t know how to choose that can meet your requirements and budget, then you have found a right place. Here in this write-up, we are going to provide you a complete knowledge of different types of Duluth Carpets. These carpets are of TWO Types – Cut Pile and Loop Pile.

Cut-Pile Carpets:

Durability of the cut-pile carpets entirely depends upon the way they have manufactured like what type of the fiber has been used, the density ratio of the tufts, and the weaving of the yarns. There are four popular styles offered in Cut Pile Carpets to choose from – Saxony, textured plush, frieze, and cable.

Loop Pile Carpets:

Loop carpets are popular due to their visible looping style as the tips of the yarn are not trimmed. They are known for its resilient construction and popular as “all-purpose” carpet. There are different styles offered in this particular category to choose from such as patterned multi-level loop, level loop, and loop and cut. The loop piles are very pretty by look, soft to touch, and durable by their nature. These carpets are ideal for highly trafficked areas and can hide stains and dirt completely.

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