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The Value of Face Weight of the Carpet!

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The style of carpet Lawrenceville offers a variety of designs, colors, patterns, and qualities so choosing one for your place can be a challenging job. Just to narrow down your search, first of all, you need to select the style of carpet either Pile-Cut or the Loop Pile and then make your mind on the sub-style of the carpet like Saxony, Berber, frieze, textured plush, frieze, cable, and cut-and-loop, etc.

There are various other aspects of carpet too you should consider during the selection process like the face weight, type, and style of carpet, fiber combination, etc. Most of the users think that the higher face weight means, the higher durable carpet which is nothing more than a misconception, let’s learn how and why

The face weight of the carpet Lawrenceville GA is only one of several aspects that play a major role in determining carpet quality and durability but to truly measure the quality of the carpet all factors should be considered carefully, including the type of fiber, fiber twist, and carpet style. For example, Berbers carpets are manufactured with the lower face weights in comparison to Saxonies, because low amounts of fibers and the low pile are used. But a 28 oz. Berber more durable than a 28 oz. Saxony. So the face weight of the carpet has no value when comparing carpets of different styles.

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