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The Different Popular Types of Carpets in Tucker GA!

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A carpet either a stain resistant or a soft structure are used to cover entire floors of the house which doesn’t only provide a luxurious look but also prevent the feet being heated or chilled or to absorb all the stains and spills.

The Popular types of Carpet Fibres in Tucker GA:

The types of carpet can be defined by the way they have manufactured. Different carpets are made for different purposes using a different combination of fabrics. The upper layer of a carpet is known as pile which is the bent of fabric loops and get attached to the tuft or backing layer of the carpet. Let’s discuss them in details:

  • 1) Olefin Carpet Tucker GA is resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture especially made carpets for basements and outdoors. The structure of these carpets is sturdy as compared to nylon and not comfortable enough to walk on.
  • 2) Nylon Carpet is the most common type of carpet which is durable and resistant to wear but provide a beautiful look to the interior of the house. This type of carpets is not good to absorb stains and spill.
  • 3) Acrylic Carpet Tucker is often used as an inexpensive substitute to wool. It’s not widely available but is very popular too.
  • 4) Wool carpet is a traditional carpet which is made of natural fiber called wool. It’s most durable, stain-resistant, soft to the skin, and along with this, it is also known as an eco-friendly floor covering.

If you are still confused which type of carpet you should choose for your home or office, then consult our experts at our facility named Flooring Pro1 in Tucker GA where you will be guided to select the one that cannot only suits your room requirements but also fits in your budget too.

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